About Us

Brand Intro

We emphasize on the individuality and creativity input into our brand. As we develop Freestyle, our only aspiration was to inject the tendency of freedom into inline skating, giving the sport it’s final burst into a whole new generation.

We follow closely to the dated fashion trend as we manufacture our products, inspire by the latest vogue, manner to provide you the trendiest skates. We hope to differ ourselves from others and magnetize young potential skaters to Freestyle. Starting from you! Our aim? – To bring our products to each and every corner of the world, to bring Freestyle to you.

Brand History

Originated from Korea in early 2005. During the early period, Freestyle only manufacture sideline inline skating apparels however because of the unique designs and individual characteristic Freestyle possess, we received overwhelming responses from skaters all over the world to produce our very own line of skates.

Today, Freestyle has earned a binding rapport from the international roller sport federation as to provide our upmost support in international and national championships around the world. We hope to discover young potential skaters, assists them in their years of competitive sporting career lastly, we hope to provide many more opportunities as to allow our sport to develop further.

Brand Slogan

Freestyle, be your style!

Additionally, Freestyle products are widely used by national champions and athletes from all over the world such as Korea, China, Singapore etc. Our athletes has not only clinch world titles from various events, they participate in workshops organized by Freestyle. Bringing their expertise and experience to different skaters over the globe, sharing knowledge and technical skills together, helping each other improve. As such, this has sparked numerous positive appraisals and compliment from the general public.

Together, we’ve also achieve acceptance and recognition from the skate industry.

Welcome to Freestyle International! Questions? Feel free to contact us at any point of time! Dismiss