FS TEAM-Yu Jin Seong – KOREA

Yu Jin Seong – Head of Freestyle ambassador (Korea)

Birth: 1992/5/10, Korea

Yu Jin Seong, fourth place for Men’s Open, Classic Slalom, has an undeniable record for being one of the foremost Freestyle skater globally. Also being the champion for 3 individual disciplines in the last Asian prime event held at Wu Yi Shan, November 2015. One of the most individualized skater emphasizing on personal characteristic and originality in his runs.

Starting skating since 1998, interest for Freestyle skating in 2003. His belief for inline skating is – “You just gotta enjoy what you do, then you’ll do it best”

His enthusiasm as gain him recognition in the industry, skater fans from all over the world witnesses his dedication and commitment towards the sport and as then became an eminent role model for many.

Being endorsed by Freestyle, he feels it’s a great opportunity for him to venture into the other aspect of Freestyle skating. The YJS series in Freestyle was created to cater for skaters whom enjoy vibrant colors and bold creativity, everything wrapped into one distinct pair from the previous. YJS in short is also the model name for high end carbon skates for Freestyle.

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